• - 300 - Political
  • Salary
  • Full Time
  • Health and welfare; pension; 401k; paid leave

Overview of Responsibilities:
The AFL-CIO Political, Electoral and Issues Mobilization Hub activates unions, their workers, and allies in fights for higher wages, decent benefits and a voice at work so all working people can enjoy a better life. The hub builds power through the state and local federation system in partnership with national and local affiliated unions, community allies and workers.

The Political Director manages all hub resources including personnel and budget management. The successful candidate will work with leaders and staff to develop, execute, and align the political priorities of the national labor movement. The work includes close coordination with Federation hubs, resources, and departments as well as with affiliates, allies, and state & local federations.

Direct all political activities of the Federation, including but not limited to:
● Manage the planning and strategy of the joint mobilization program of the AFL-CIO for each election cycle.
● Engage affiliates, state federations, central labor councils, area labor federations, and outside groups in the strategy of political and issue campaigns.
● Oversee and manage the strategic development and implementation of campaigns that integrate outside advocacy, community and faith groups at national, state and local levels with other AFL-CIO programs.
● Conceive, develop and implement worker-oriented strategies, campaigns and programs directed at union and non-union communities through tactics like walks, phones, worksites, mail, digital and earned media programs and integrate them into the larger AFL-CIO strategy.
● Oversee investments in paid political programs, including mail, vended phones, monetary investments in community groups, digital advertising and emerging political campaign tools and tactics.
● Supervise implementation of Federation independent expenditure programs, including compliance with all legal and campaign finance rules.
● Oversee the execution of the Union Member Candidates Program.
● Oversee AFL-CIO investments to protect voting rights for union members and the general public.
● Be a steward of AFL-CIO resources by ensuring that program tactics and investments are rooted in results-driven and data-driven principles.

Maintain relationships with AFL-CIO affiliated unions, allied organizations and political parties, including:
● Advise AFL-CIO Officers and other leadership in matters related to national political dynamics, both among elected officials and institutions and among allied organizations.
● Assist AFL-CIO Officers and other AFL-CIO leadership as needed on special projects.
● Serve as staff lead for the activities of the Political Committee, working closely with the Political Committee Chair and Vice Chair.
● Collaborate with affiliate staff, including convening affiliate Political Director meetings.
● Represent the AFL-CIO at tables, coalitions and meetings with outside organizations.
● Manage relationships with political party committees.
● Other duties as directed by the executive offices.

Manage and lead the Hub as a part of the Federation institution, overseeing administrative functions and ensuring management of staff, including:
● Manage hub planning, budgeting and forecasting. Coordinate budget with other hubs and resources to assure best use of resources.
● Direct and manage the Political, Electoral and Issues Mobilization Hub, including the supervision, mentoring, and development of hub staff.
● Collaborate with other hubs, resources and departments to integrate work, coordinate staff resources and streamline efficiencies where appropriate.
● Implement benchmarks and metrics to ensure successful completion of goals.
● Ensure an environment of diversity and inclusion that recognizes and maximizes the skills and talents of all employees within the hub.

● A minimum of ten years' experience in national and local political program development and implementation, with significant experience managing mobilization programs.
● Extensive leadership experience working inside and alongside the labor movement.
● Extensive management experience coordinating programs between national organized groups.
● Demonstrated ability to build and strengthen key relationships with leaders at all levels of society – including, political, NGO, community, and union leaders.
● Demonstrated advanced understanding of the labor movement and its structure in the United States.
● Extensive staff management experience, including strong interpersonal skills and an ability to lead a large and diverse staff team.
● Proven ability to supervise and develop staff maximizing each person's contribution and inclusion in the overall strategic purpose of their work.
● Excellent project management skills on complex projects.
● Demonstrated ability to handle multiple high priority projects with competing deadlines.
● Demonstrated ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining important and effective relationships.
● Demonstrated ability to work effectively in politically sensitive and high-pressure environments.
● Superior ability to exercise excellent political judgment and discretion.
● Demonstrated experience in developing campaign and personal work plans and goals.
● Effective time management skills, including prioritizing and managing multiple tasks.
● Demonstrated ability to build and motivate teams and work effectively in a team environment in both a lead and support role.
● Demonstrated ability to work independently within the context of a plan.
● Excellent listening, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.
● Excellent communication skills (both written and oral) and ability to facilitate meetings with diverse participation.
● Demonstrated ability to think strategically and act proactively.
● Ability to work long hours and weekends as required.
● Ability to travel on a regular basis as needed, and for extended periods of time.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.


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