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Special Projects Coordinator


The Special Projects Coordinator is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing special projects for the Human Resources Department including, but not limited to, training, orientation, ergonomic review, safety, emergency response and employee relations. The coordination of projects also includes specific events such as Administrative Professional Day and Bring Your Child to Work Day.


• Work with the HR Director to determine special project budget, strategy, goals and timelines;
• Formulates and recommends program goals and objectives in all areas of employee relations;
• Responsible for the effective coordination, and presentation of training and development programs for all employees;
• Assess organization-wide developmental needs to drive training initiatives;
• Conduct follow up studies of all completed training to evaluate and measure results;
• Liaison with all departments and outside organization regarding current and future projects;
• Develop strategic alliances with labor and non-labor partners;
• Work with department leads and other appropriate staff to develop project plans with regular
reporting and follow-up mechanisms;
• Establish accountability and appropriate post-project debriefs with department director;
• Develop and assure project strategies are streamlined to maximize available resources;
• Assist Department Director with contract application issues such as problem solving, disciplinary matters, grievances and arbitrations;
• Prepares and maintains orientation materials;
• Assists employees, supervisors and department heads to settle work-related conflicts through advice and recommendation within the parameters of the collective bargaining agreement;
• Interfaces with all employees and internal and external organizations;
• Assesses exit interview results and manages all necessary follow up with the respective department;
• Coordinates and participates in quality assurance activities;
• Prepares and submits reports as requested;
• Performs other incidental and related duties as assigned.


• Bachelor's degree preferred with a minimum of eight years of labor union-related experience preferably in human resources;
• Demonstrated experience coordinating training programs;
• Proficient knowledge of management-labor relations; the principles, practices and procedures in accordance with a collectively bargained environment;
• Demonstrated ability to lead by example and foster mentoring relationships;
• Demonstrated experience coordinating training and developmental programs;
• Demonstrated ability to work in a confidential and politically-sensitive environment;
• Demonstrated ability to exercise excellent political judgment and discretion;
• Superior verbal, written communication and multi-tasking skills;
• Demonstrated commitment to customer service and problem resolution;
• Demonstrated ability and willingness to work collaboratively and put forth extra effort as required;
• Propensity and interest in development of systems or processes that successfully enhance the efficiency of special project work;
• Strong interpersonal skills with ability to work cooperatively and successfully with multiple departments;
• Excellent listening, interpersonal, communication (written and verbal) and problem-solving skills;
• Strong working knowledge of the AFL-CIO and its affiliate members;
• Ability to work within the Human Resources team in both a lead and supportive role;
• Highly organized with effective time-management skills, including prioritizing and managing multiple tasks;
• Ability to work long and extended hours when needed;
• Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification preferred;
• Computer efficiency required.

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