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Research Analyst

The Center for Strategic Research, an arm of the AFL-CIO Organizing Department, provides strategic planning, corporate research, industry research, and issue research to support AFL-CIO organizing and programs.

The Research Analyst helps develop strategic research plans for an organizing or contract campaign (or its equivalent) and to execute major work products and tactics around an organizing or contract campaign (or its equivalent). The Research Analyst will often perform this role in cooperation with affiliate union, state federation and/or central labor council staff. The Research Analyst directly staffs the CSR Director, Campaign Coordinator, Lead or Senior Lead Researcher, and provides guidance to Researchers.
The Research Analyst works under the supervision of the Organizing Department and CSR director and reports on a regular basis to a work coordinator to accomplish assignments.

 Campaign and Operational Duties
• Familiar with a comprehensive campaign framework and able to contribute to development of strategic research plans.
• Identifies and analyzes workplace, community, industry and company issues and assists in developing strategy and tactics to augment worker power at an employer (or its equivalent).
• Identifies, develops, and provides the necessary support work to implement a tactical intervention at a company-level (or its equivalent):
 Prepares draft campaign materials with minimal supervision.
 Develops working relationships with other constituencies and allies.
 Coordinates with communications staff on media/press aspects.
 Works with specialized staff to implement activity.
 Identifies critical internal organizational considerations and provides accurate information to decision-makers.
• Provides concise memos summarizing research and recommendations.
• Analyzes and describes, monitors, and works on public policy, legislative, and regulatory issues related to campaign goals in coordination with other departments and staff.
• Exhibits understanding of employer counter-campaigns.
• Researchers relevant labor law and other legal considerations.
• Provides financial analyses of companies (including comparison to industry benchmarks).
Analytical and Planning Duties
• Assists in developing overall campaign plans.
• Supports organizing targeting analyses.
• Plans and assembles multi-disciplinary research to produce specialized analyses, presentations, "white papers", exposes, and other major research-based work products for broad audiences.
• Develops research methodologies, timelines, and research plans for assignments..
• Conveys industry and company information to campaign staff.
• Interacts with affiliate staff to build capacity and maximize impact.
Lead Staff and Other Duties
• Assist with development and execution of CSR trainings for affiliate staff and allied organizations
• Keeps the Director fully informed on a regular basis on issues affecting departmental programs.
• Prepares and submits regular and ad hoc reports on departmental activities as required.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience
• Master's degree or higher in relevant field (e.g., economics, law, business or journalism) preferred.
• Labor or other social justice work experience strongly preferred; demonstrated commitment to these values required.
• Research-based writing samples required.
• At least three years relevant work experience.
• Ability to work long and extended hours when needed.
• Excellent writer.
• Proficiency in standard database applications (Excel, Access, etc...).
• Print and digital communications and messaging skills a plus.
• Spanish or other second language skills desired.
• Ability to travel as required.
• Ability to work long and extended hours when needed.

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