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Regional Campaign Coordinator


The Regional Campaign Coordinator coordinates AFL-CIO field campaigns, programs and priorities, including coordination with staff. The Regional Campaign Coordinator helps to coordinate the day-to-day activities of State Federations and their staff as it relates to the campaigns, programs and priorities of the AFL-CIO.

The Regional Campaign Coordinator at all times works in conjunction with the respective program department and reports to the Deputy Director.


• Represent the interests of the national AFL-CIO and its officers at all times with state-federations, area and central labor councils, AFL-CIO affiliates and AFL-CIO constituency groups, coalition partners and other support organizations.
• Lead National AFL-CIO's efforts with state and local federations in the development and implementation of mobilization plans for campaigns and programs.
• Provide effective support and leadership to state and local labor leaders.
• Conduct initial and ongoing assessments of state and local labor federation structures and effectiveness. This assessment includes the recommendations of the organization's operations and programs, and the utilization and management of resources.
• Develop relationships and communicate on a regular basis with regional and local unions.
• Work with AFL-CIO national staff to help develop and ensure that AFL-CIO and candidate's campaign or program materials are approved and posted in a timely manner. This includes, but is not limited to, leaflets, walk and phone product.
• Strategize and work closely with staff on the strengths and weaknesses within their assigned labor communities.
• Build structures for sustainable mobilization efforts that strengthen state federation and CLC participation.
• Perform other duties as assigned.


• 5-7 years experience within the labor movement.
• Knowledge of and experience with national, state and local structures of the labor movement.
• Demonstrated ability to write campaign plans.
• Demonstrated experience in implementing large scale mobilization, political and issue campaigns.
• Working knowledge of federal and state legislative processes.
• Demonstrated leadership ability.
• Demonstrated ability to build teams and work effectively in a team environment in both a lead and a support role.
• Demonstrated ability to work in politically sensitive and high-pressure environments.
• Working knowledge of campaign finance laws.
• Ability to work independently within the context of a plan.
• Ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining important and effective relationships.
• Effective time management skills, including prioritizing and managing multiple tasks, and demonstrated experience in developing campaign and personal work plans and goals.
• Ability to lead and motivate others within a charged political environment.
• Excellent listening, interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills.
• Computer proficiency is required; database/spreadsheet, email, internet, word processing, social networking skills.
• Excellent written and verbal skills.
• Ability to travel on a regular basis if needed, and for extended periods of time.

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