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The AFL-CIO Civil, Human, and Women's Rights Department supports and implements the priorities and programs of the AFL-CIO, and works to ensure that all workers have fairness and equality in the workplace. Our goal is to uplift the lives of workers of color, women, the LGBTQ community and other underrepresented communities, as well as partner with constituency and community groups to advocate and solve issues that affect these communities.

The Coordinator is responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of department programs and activities for the AFL-CIO's work to secure civil and human rights for all, including campaigns and programs to promote workers' rights, voting rights, decarceration, racial equality, immigration rights, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, workers' rights, and more. The Coordinator works with Civil, Human and Women's Rights team members to develop programs, campaigns trainings, conferences to further the department's mission. This position is the lead coordinator for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Conference and other events and programs relevant to civil rights issues.

The Coordinator will play a key role in the implementation of strategies for developing positive relationships, programs, events and activities among AFL-CIO bodies, affiliates, community partners and constituency groups. . The Coordinator works under the supervision of the Director of the Civil, Human and Women's Rights Department.


• Assist in the development and implementation of diversity programming with the AFL-CIO, constituency groups and community partners internally and externally;
• Assist in the coordination of Civil, Human and Women's Rights department programs, in both a lead and support role, including decarceration, racial justice, women's rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights and other programs as assigned;
• Coordinate department outreach and activities as it relates to the programs of the AFL-CIO, and work with members, affiliates and constituency groups to implement programs and campaigns;
• Develop relationships with constituency groups, community partners and affiliates and identify areas of collaboration;
• Conduct ongoing research on civil, human and women's rights issues and work with the Department team members, and the appropriate AFL-CIO departments, to disseminate information;
• Coordinate and support logistics for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Conference;
• Conceptualize and create workshops, tools, newsletters, and related materials for members and partners;
• Conceptualize, research and write Department emails and external communications;
• Work with the Digital Strategies and Communications Departments to update and maintain Department web presence, SMS and expansion of digital media presence;
• Conduct workshops and training for staff of the AFL-CIO, affiliates and constituency groups as needed;
• Facilitate meetings, conference calls and webinars as needed;
• Assist with internal and external diversity reports and related initiatives;
• Support the Director in the implementation of the work plan for Civil Rights Directors Collective of the AFL CIO;
• Provide timely reports as needed;
• Other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor's degree in labor relations, political science, ethnic studies in related field or equivalent experience with specific demonstrated experience in civil, human and women's rights campaigns;
• Minimum of 4 years' experience in issue campaign and program work with specific demonstrated experience in civil, human or women's rights campaigns;
• Previous labor movement experience is preferred, but candidate must possess a working knowledge of the labor and social justice movements;
• Existing relationships with civil, human and women's rights organizations;
• Demonstrated experience utilizing digital media to support program work;
• Demonstrated experience working with communities of color, women and the LGBTQ community;
• Demonstrated knowledge of policy issues including voting rights, mass incarceration, employee non-discrimination act, pay equity, working families, and other issues relevant to current civil, human and women's rights issues;
• Excellent communication skills;
• Must be proficient in Microsoft Word , Excel and PowerPoint;
• Demonstrated superior writing, researching and messaging skills – writing sample required;
• Demonstrated experience managing and prioritizing multiple tasks, and create written work plans;
• Commitment to the principles and goals of unionism and social justice;
• Demonstrated ability to work independently within the context of a plan as part of a larger team in both a lead and a support role;
• Effective organizational and time management skills and ability to handle multiple high priority projects;
• Computer proficiency is required: database/spreadsheet, PowerPoint, e-mail, internet and word processing skills;
• Ability to travel and work long hours or weekends as required.

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