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Path to Power Senior Program Coordinator


Path to Power is a new program of the AFL-CIO Political Department to develop innovative ways to both recruit and train union members as candidates for elected office as well as to educate candidates and existing elected officials on core issues of the labor movement. The Path to Power Senior Program Coordinator will work with other assigned staff in the Political Department, other AFL-CIO departments, affiliates, allied organizations and local AFL-CIO bodies to fully develop an innovative program. At the outset, the Senior Program Coordinator will work to grow the program through connecting to the Raising Wages work of the Federation.


• Conceptualize, develop and lead the second phase development of the Path to Power program to further build out the candidate training and recruitment component as well as expanding to include issue education for existing elected officials.
• Develop short and long term strategic plans for implementation, and monitor the success of these plans, of Path to Power programs in select, targeted locations around the country.
• Primary point person for work, and coordination, with affiliates and state and local AFL-CIO organizations to identify needs and opportunities for Path to Power program.
• Act as Political Department point person for other AFL-CIO departments regarding work done in connection with candidate and elected official issue education.
• Identify and monitor opportunities for creating candidate pipelines by overseeing development of database of local elected officials with strong ties to labor.
• Conceptualize and oversee development of training curriculum and materials.
• Lead and oversee team of Political Department staff assigned to work on the Path to Power program.
• Implement plans resulting from work done to ID targeted union member candidates at state, local and congressional level.
• Develop and manage system of tracking and reporting progress in the Path to Power program.
• Create, prepare and deliver reports for AFL-CIO officers and affiliates on progress of Path to Power program.
• Keep the Director, Deputy Director and other AFL-CIO program leads apprised of progress, changes, and results from the Path to Power program.
• Perform other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor's Degree in relevant field is not required but preferred.
• 3-5 years of experience leading a team and being primarily responsible for implementing a program of substantial size.
• 4-6 years of experience working on a political campaign or a labor political program required.
• Extensive experience in the labor movement including a familiarity with all levels of the labor movement and its structure required.
• Demonstrated working knowledge of political trends, messaging, and strategy.
• Demonstrated ability to implement program within the context of broader strategic plans.
• Demonstrated experience working with partner and allied organizations outside of labor.
• Demonstrated excellent written and oral communication skills, including public speaking and training skills, required.
• Extensive experience in developing curriculum and materials related to trainings and meetings.
• Demonstrated experience writing strategic campaign work plans and goals.
• Demonstrated experience in developing team and personal work plans and goals.
• Demonstrated experience with training and education of adult learners.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively in politically sensitive and high-pressure environments.
• Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team in both a lead and support role as well as to work independently within the context of a plan.
• Effective time management skills, including prioritizing and managing multiple tasks.
• Some experience with budgeting and ability to work within the context of an overall budget required.
• Ability to work long and irregular hours as needed.
• Some travel required.

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