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National Young Worker Program Coordinator

The National Young Worker Program Coordinator is responsible for leading the development, implementation and coordination of the AFL-CIO Next Up Young Worker Program. This includes providing support for the leadership development of young workers and local young worker groups. The National Young Worker Program Coordinator directs and supports the AFL-CIO Young Worker Advisory Council and will encourage and assist in the inclusion of a young worker component in AFL-CIO programs and campaigns. In addition, he/she will serve as the point person for affiliated unions, state, area and local councils regarding the young worker program and serve as a representative of the AFL-CIO with student and youth organizations. This position is responsible for making sure all issues and inquiries relating to the AFL-CIO Young Worker Program are addressed.

This position works under the direction of the Campaigns Department in coordination with the Office of the Secretary-Treasurer.

• Continue to develop and implement a strategic plan for the AFL-CIO Young Worker Program.
• Provide resources for young workers, affiliates and state, area and local labor councils to promote the leadership development of young workers and young worker groups.
• Facilitate and assist the AFL-CIO departments in developing and integrating young worker components into AFL-CIO programs, initiatives and campaigns.
• Lead and advise on the recruitment and engagement of young workers into broader AFL-CIO programs and campaigns including but not limited to organizing, political and issues mobilization.
• Coordinate youth outreach and activities as it relates to the programs of the AFL-CIO at the national, state, area and local level.
• Develop tools and resources for implementation of the young worker program, and assist others in same.
• Assist in the integration of social media and relevant messaging for assigned campaigns in coordination with appropriate departments.
• Coordinate the meetings and work of the Young Worker Advisory Council.
• Convene and provide support for affiliate young worker programs.
• Encourage and support campus outreach and student organizing efforts in collaboration with the Campus-Youth Engagement Coordinator.
• Support the Young Worker Group at the AFL-CIO as appropriate.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

• Experience in the labor movement with union or community organizing, with a minimum of four years of union, community or political organizing experience.
• At least one year of experience working with a broad array of organizations in coalition or alliance formation on issues of social and economic justice, preferably at the local level.
• At least one year of relevant work experience and demonstrated success in relevant areas.
• Demonstrated experience, with a minimum of one to two years, organizing and developing program for young workers and/or students/non-college youth.
• Significant demonstrated experience and highly proficient in use of online tools, databases, computer mobilization tools and new media in a professional context. (I.e. social networks, texting, Twitter, other digital platforms).
• Demonstrated commitment to the principles and goals of unionism and social justice.
• Significant demonstrated ability and experience in conducting trainings and leadership development.
• Strong and effective communication skills including the successful ability to speak to large and diverse groups of workers and elected leaders.
• Knowledge and experience with both national and local structures of the labor movement.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently within the context of a plan.
• Demonstrated ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks.
• Effective organizational and time management skills.
• Demonstrated ability to work well with a diverse range of leaders and organizations.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to travel.
• Ability to work long and extended hours.

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