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National Voter File Director

The National Voter File Director for Technology is responsible for managing and administering the voter file, the member file and political and field tools of the National AFL-CIO and its affiliates. The National Voter File Director (NVFD) works collaboratively and reports to the Political Department Director and the Campaigns Department Field Director and Campaign Manager.

Duties and Principal Responsibilities:
• Manage the member and voter file systems according to the Executive Council policy.
• Manage a team of people who directly work on several different technology tools used to manage affiliate membership data, membership data requests, phone technology, and volunteer tracking and management systems for campaign mobilization efforts.
• Manage staff skill set development and the development of individual staff work plans.
• Direct the allocation, within established guidelines, of technology tools and resources available to assist AFL-CIO affiliated unions, the national AFL-CIO and its state and local bodies in implementing political, legislative, and other mobilization programs.
• Work with department directors, and other senior staff, across multiple departments and affiliates, where applicable, on the following:
o Support data and technology needs of all federation and affiliate campaigns.
o Provide assessments on current capacity.
o Develop plans to improve existing systems and technologies and develop new technology tools as necessary to strengthen grassroots campaigns.
o Develop and implement systems and tools to measure campaign performance and determine the effectiveness of program activities.
o Identify areas where technical training is necessary for affiliates, state and local federations, staff and other partner groups and work with the identified groups to provide these trainings.
o Direct implementation of strategies and methods to strengthen and improve the collection, standardization, use, and quality of the COPE membership database including its compliance with specific policies set forth by the Executive Council of the AFL-CIO.
o Direct the development of new technology tools and improvement of existing tools to help expand and strengthen the AFL-CIO role in assisting affiliates, state and local federations, and other partners in carrying out more effective campaigns and programs.
• Work directly with affiliates and other partners offering technical and strategic assistance on their own campaign plans.
• Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills:
• Strong knowledge of the structure of the AFL-CIO, our affiliates, and the labor movement in general.
• Demonstrated experience managing a national file, or working as deputy director of a national file, including raw data and interface.
• Preference for working with membership files with policy parameters in the labor movement.
• Experience managing multiple staff including an emphasis on ongoing training and development.
• Experience managing multiple statewide files simultaneously.
• Demonstrated experience negotiating and managing agreements with vendors on specifications and data.
• Extensive working knowledge of current and emerging technologies used as political tools to identify and target voters.
• At least one cycle of working field in a state or local race.
• At least three electoral cycles working with NGP/VAN, Catalist as well as firms dedicated to improving the quality of data.
• Working knowledge of SQL, GIS, and Scripting/Macros.
• Demonstrated extensive experience in all aspects of political campaigns, including polling, voter files and field technology tools.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively translate technology and apply to field program.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently within the context of a plan.
• Demonstrated ability to lead and support organization change efforts.
• Demonstrated effectiveness working in politically sensitive and high-pressure environments.
• Demonstrated ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining important and effective relationships.
• Strong listening, interpersonal and problem solving skills.
• Demonstrated ability to build and work effectively in a team environment, in both a lead and support role.
• Effective time management skills, including demonstrated experience in developing campaign and personal work plans and goals.
• Extensive proven experience in the development, integration and execution of on-line organizing tools.
• Excellent listening, interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills.
• Ability to travel on a regular basis as needed, and for extended periods of time.
• Ability to work long and extended hours when needed.

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