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Compliance Coordinator


The Compliance coordinator is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the AFL-CIO's independent expenditure campaign's compliance program which includes federal, state and local level campaign activity. The position also is assigned to other specific campaign entities such as the State Unity table and electoral or issues operations set outside of the normal internal campaign process.

The Compliance Coordinator will be responsible for the administration of federal and state campaign committee accounts, including assisting in the registration and reporting of campaign finance reports. He / She will be responsible for tracking expenditures activities needed for disclosure reports, administration of campaign / program accounts, contribution regulations, and adherence to federal and state agency reporting dates. The ideal candidate has experience assisting or working campaign finance compliance at either party committees, large scale candidate campaigns, PACs or c (4)s.

The Compliance Coordinator will work with other departments outside of Campaigns who focus on electoral or corresponding work. He/she will also lead a scalable team during high capacity election season as well as being the lead liaison with the compliance consulting team.


• Responsible for all aspects and administration of the Workers' Voice PAC including all disbursements, budgeting, bank reconciliation, outside vendor agreements and reporting at the federal, state and local level.
• Responsible for working with campaign leadership to compile a registration and compliance calendar for all federal, state and local activity.
• Responsible for development and full integration of campaign activities, both in DC and in the states into reporting systems (PoliOps and National Geo Political software) through coordination with other AFL-CIO departments staff to include but not limited to direct mail, online advertising, robo-calls, in-kind staff, fliers, LAN and FAN.
• Responsible for obtaining opinions by Legal Counsel and applying principles for accurate reporting to federal, state and local agencies.
• Responsible for all aspects of administration for AFL-CIO COPE Political Action Committee including disbursements, bank reconciliation and reporting.
• Responsible for all aspects and administration of reporting the membership/labor- activities for the federation.
• Compile all transactions for preparation of disclosure reports for programs.
• Process contributions and expenditures for campaign accounts.
• Compile news clips and information regarding campaign finance, compliance issues for nonprofits and PACs as well as keep up with all the latest compliance and campaign finance reporting techniques.
• Work with similar positions at affiliated unions to administer and streamline the compliance work in the states and DC.
• Train national staff, release staff and when necessary, affiliate staff on basics of compliance parameters for specific races.
• Work with Accounting Department and General Counsel's office to design and implement processes around compliance and reconciliation of the Workers' Voice account.
• Responsible for all aspects of administration and integration of the State Unity Table into the AFL-CIO accounting structure to include budgeting, disbursements and contractual agreements.
• Perform and oversee teams of data entry work.
• Perform other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor Degree is not required, but is preferred.
• At least three elections working on large budget and campaign finance/compliance operations.
• Proven familiarity with campaign finance law.
• Proven ability related to campaign finance, compliance planning and administration.
• Experiencing using National Geo Political Software, PoliOps or similar compliance databases, is required.
• Proven familiarity with general accounting, including cash flow on fast paced projects practices a plus.
• Demonstrated ability to use and manipulate large spreadsheets and database software applications required.
• 5 years experience working on a political campaign/labor political program required.
• Must have experience in the labor movement; familiarity with all levels of the labor movement and its structure desired.
• Demonstrated experience in developing personal work plans and goals.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively in politically sensitive and high-pressure environments.
• Ability to work as part of a team in both a lead and support role as well as to work independently within the context of a plan.
• Effective time management skills, including prioritizing and managing multiple tasks.
• Ability to work long irregular hours and weekends as needed.

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