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Affiliate and Federation Outreach Relations Director

The Affiliate and Federation Outreach Relations Director is responsible to plan, conduct and manage outreach and relationships with affiliates at a national, regional and state level as well as federation leaders at all levels. Outreach will consist of relationship building, communications, and organization building with affiliates and federation bodies. In addition to having strong relationships with our affiliates, the Director and team of Regional Directors will build and manage partnerships and create buy-in for federation and affiliate campaigns and programs.

The Director works to develop communication systems to enhance and support AFL-CIO program with affiliates as well as work to understand and communicate their program priorities back to the department to inform and drive work. This position is part of a strategic senior management team which will include the Operations Director, Campaigns Manager, Field Director, and GOLD Director to help drive programmatic goals for the federation.

The Director writes, oversees and implements an outreach and relations plan, manages the regional directors, keeps the National AFL-CIO officers and their staff informed on politics throughout the country. This includes creating a work plan, reporting procedure and communications program for our affiliates.

The Affiliate and Federation Relations Outreach Director is a management position that works under the supervision of the Deputy Director and Director of the Campaigns Department.

Overview of Responsibilities:

• Work with affiliates, federation leaders to build relationships to help meet common goals;
• Identifying, progressing and working on the politics of the federation, its affiliates and labor councils;
• Develop strategic alliances unions in support of Federation objectives in coordination with respective Federation staff;
• Drive and manage reforms of the federation bodies in states process
• Work to evaluate Solidarity Fund Grant proposals in collaboration with GOLD and Field teams and deliver awards to federation bodies.
• Working with GOLD, ensure that federation bodies are in compliance with financial and programmatic requirements.
• Work with department and other appropriate staff to develop work plans and regular reporting mechanisms to affiliates and federation leaders;
• Responsible to work with Organizing, Political, Legislative and other departments as needed, including Working America as part the Campaigns Department team to coordinate and integrate work with the state federations and labor councils;
• Manage and staff State Federation and CLC Advisory Committee, and the Executive Council Committee on State, Local and Community Partnerships working with co-chairs;
• Coordinate coalition, partner meetings with appropriate staff and department, sub-departments;
• Collaborate on strategic planning of Officers Travel to further federation objectives;
• Work with department managers and field staff to assess and develop state federation and labor council capacity to implement effective campaigns as needed;
• Keep the senior staff in the Campaigns Department fully informed on a regular basis regarding issues that affect departmental or Federation objectives;
• Prepare and submit regular and ad hoc reports as requested;
• Other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor's degree preferred with a minimum of 6 years of related experience;
• Extensive experience of a progressively greater responsibility in a project management role;
• Extensive experience working with a broad array of organizations in a coalitional or alliance formation to support mutual interest and program;
• Proven ability to develop strategy and implement programs by capturing the resources and capacity of a broad array of partners;
• Knowledge and understanding of basic principles and skills involved in internal organizing, development, and program planning and implementation;
• Extensive experience conceptualizing and developing work plans with measurable goals;
• Experience working with the labor movement and its leadership at the national, state and local levels, or equivalent;
• Extensive experience managing large staff and diverse staff teams;
• Demonstrated ability to build and motivate teams and work effectively in a team environment in both a lead and support role;
• Extensive knowledge of relevant programs and advocacy community;
• Excellent listening, interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills;
• Demonstrated ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining important and effective relationships;
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively in politically sensitive and high-pressure environments;
• Demonstrated ability to exercise excellent political judgment and discretion;
• Ability to work independently within context of a plan;
• Effective time management skills, including prioritizing and managing multiple tasks, and demonstrated experience in developing campaign and personal work plans and goals;
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
• Ability to travel on a regular basis as needed, and for extended periods of time;
• Computer proficiency is required: email, internet, database/spreadsheet, word processing, and web conferencing.

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